Smart Pricing For Secure Transactions And More

Integrate and utilize Chadwick & Hanover innovative
SpotPay platform to expand your business globally

No Hidden Fees!

Volume pricing can be discussed individually in case of the large-scale merchant, processing a minimum 150,000 USD/129,000 EUR per month

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What You Get

Secure payment info collection
Data security and encryption
Regulatory licenses worldwide
Secure Dashboard Access
Unlimited Monthly Transactions

Invoice Factoring service with a standard rate of 10%

Chadwick & Hanover standard transaction fee is taken directly from funds en route to our client. Our pricing is completely transparent: A client is charged with a standard of 2.5% per transaction + swipe fees (USD 0.20). There are no other fixed charges or monthly maintenance fees outside the transaction fee.

Payment Methods

Credit Cards

Credit cards

Bank Transfer

Credit cards

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Credit cards

A 2-Factor authentication method used to verify a customer’s identity before an online card purchase is processed.

Expired or renewed card information for saved customers are automatically updated.