How SpotPay System Operates

Chadwick & Hanover payment processes are powered by SpotPay — fiat-to-crypto-to-fiat currency platform developed to serve the online merchants industry.

SpotPay is built to help merchants eliminate most frequently met issues in e-payments including transaction speed, high commission fee, insufficient support, multi-currency, cross-border transaction infrastructure, simple technical integration automating all payment processes.

SpotPay utilizes SPOT token in the fast and secure merchant and shopper transaction processes:

Chadwick & Hanover Compliance

Step 1: Merchant is selling a service or product in an online store with a price in a currency of your choice

Step 2: The customer selects the SpotPay solution in your cashier

Step 3: The customer enters his credit card details (or other systems) and clicks Pay

Step 4: The customer's credit card (or other systems) is charged and SpotPay assigns the SPOT token to the customer

Step 5: The SPOT token is transferred to your merchant account, the merchant will be shielded from price fluctuations within the token

Step 6: Merchant receives fund to his/her/its bank account in fiat

Step 1: A customer is buying a service or product from an online store

Step 2: He/she chooses the payment with the SpotPay option

Step 3: The customer enters the credit card (or other systems) details and clicks “pay”

Step 4: The customer will be assigned the equivalent amount for the purchase in SPOT tokens

Step 5: The customer’s SPOTs will be transferred to the merchant’s account

Step 6: The customer enjoys the service or product purchased

SpotPay supports multiple payment processors to make sure a merchant's transaction achieves the highest possible payment authorization rates, even for cross-border transactions.