Invoice Factoring

Expand Your Business Using Chadwick & Hanover Invoice Factoring

Need to accelerate your company’s cash flow and access more business capital?
Have problems getting a bank loan?

Consider us your financing partner!

Apply for Chadwick & Hanover Invoice Factoring service and there will be no need to wait for your customers to pay their outstanding invoices. Invest more in the growth of your company and maintain your daily operations on track: Get paid faster to put the cash you have in your business development, pay your expenses and employees on time and grow your business without the heavy burden of delayed customer payment.

Chadwick & Hanover enables your business to turn your receivables into working capital. We service large-scale as well as small-scale merchants: Each case is discussed individually, and it’s based on your customers’ credit not your own: Receive cash within 24 hours, with 100 % transparent fees.

Eligible Businesses

Chadwick & Hanover serves businesses operating in IT Services & Technology, Business & Professional Services, Consulting, Transportation, Wholesale Trade & Distribution, Manufacturing, and Staffing Services. However, each case can be discussed individually to offer best partnership solutions.

How To Qualify with Chadwick & Hanover Invoice Factoring Service?
Chadwick & Hanover Compliance

Step 1: Press the Apply Now button and fill in required information

Step 2: Chadwick & Hanover will review your profile information and reach out to you within a final decision in 24 hours’ time period

Step 3: In case of approval, you will be required to submit your invoice

Step 4: In standard cases, you will receive 80% of the invoice funds up front with the remainder minus Chadwick & Hanover fees once the invoice is paid

Step 5: Please, note that the eligible customer for Chadwick & Hanover Invoice Factoring Service should represent an operating business for at least 3 months, with a revenue of $10,000/month or $120,000 in annual sales with a minimum of three deposits/month

Ownership: Any owner or board level executive can execute the contract regardless of their ownership percentage provided they can provide authorizations to do so.