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Expand Your Business Globally Through Our Innovative Payments:

SpotPay Tool For Merchants

Chadwick & Hanover is a full scale payments platform designed to simplify global payment processes. We provide e-commerce tools to renovate business structures, accept payments, and enable online commerce for their users. We offer you a full-scale payment processing platform, including sales tax management, invoicing and compliance.

We utilize a unique fiat-to-crypto-to-fiat payment system — SpotPay for merchants to improve conversion rate and stimulate customers by its quick, mobile-optimized checkout experience, ease-of-use and acceptable transaction fees.

Payment is processed in desired currency: You can receive funds via local bank transfer ACH, SEPA, FPS in USD or EUR or you can receive cryptocurrency to your digital wallet.

Integrate our API interface within your website and sell more products using a user-friendly interface:

We provide merchants worldwide with a relevant buying experience, empowering their shoppers with the localized buying experience they expect.

Merchants analytics dashboard enables you to track the insights into sales and trends as well as customer metrics, overall or at business unit level: Executive, financial, or subscription-related reports together with KPIs are available to track your business pulse and customer behavior instantly. Automated reports can be shared regularly by email.

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Merchant and Customer Services:

Need support for your customers?

Chadwick & Hanover enables merchants to use international customer service: An e-mail support for order and payment issues (

Need technical support?

Chadwick & Hanover merchant support team is available on phone or through email (

Chadwick & Hanover handles your sales tax, VAT management, and remittance to enable merchants to operate on the global market through the fully compliant international buying and selling experience. We help merchants comply with regulations and automatically calculate and remit their taxes.